Enterprise 2.0 – The art of empowering the individual – then the organisation.

In my job I see what our business could do to make our clients happier. I deal with our clients all day so I hear all of the good, and all of the bad they feel towards my organisation.  I am in a prime position to be an innovator, an innovator for change. Anyone, who works in any capacity with clients at any organisation is in a prime position to be an innovator for change. How many times have you felt apologetic toward a client/customer in your current place of employment? I am willing to bet on more than one occasion. All you have to do is listen…

So why do we just sit on it and say nothing?

Ahhh…. I could write forever here… “Don’t shoot the messenger”, “don’t make waves”, “think of the money”, “it’s only temporary”, “things will change”, “my manager wouldn’t listen anyway”, “I don’t like my boss”, “I’ll deal with it later, I have lunch in half an hour…” the list goes on. According to the British Heart Foundation one in three say managers don’t care about well being. Isn’t it time that changed?

Paradigm shift – What if happier customers, meant more enjoyable work, and salary rises!  Guaranteed!

Now that is real incentive to to embrace any enterprise 2.0 that will produce happier customers, isn’t it ?!

How would you feel about your company establishing a metric that measured overall customer satisfaction and reporting bi-annually?

What if a positive result guaranteed:

  • More money for you
  • More enjoyable work for you
  • Longer lunch breaks for you

Would you be interested? My guess is yes. You’d look like the people below wouldn’t you? Actually getting recognized for going the extra mile!

Enter Airport 2.0

What is it? It’s a wiki, and it is a face book group. Employees use their real names and they write so that they can improve things using their unique perspective. They contribute so that they can make the airport as enjoyable an experience as possible for all travelers. They use the feedback they get on a daily basis, the disgruntled customer at lunch time, as well as the international lady who was over the moon about the excellent service she received at check in.

They write about it all, because they can, because they are in the prime position to do so. They have the power to make the airport as ideal as it can possibly be, because they are empowered by enterprise 2.0.

Getting started?

Rewards? Metrics? Whatever it is, employees need to be informed.  Employees must know that they are valued, they must know how much their salary increases if the enterprise 2.0 innovations are successful. They need to know how they can receive longer lunch hours, they need to know exactly how it all works. Why should they help the airport benefit if they do not benefit themselves as a result? To make their bosses richer? Come on.. Fair is fair, no one wants to be a slave to big business and I think often times people at large organisations are more of a number than an individual and it is time this changed. Every employee should be told exactly how they are able to benefit by contributing quality to the wiki or Facebook group. This can be at the discretion of managers, the CEO, it doesn’t really matter, as long as details of tangible benefits are relayed to everyone.

The benefits, like those from enterprise 2.0 itself,  would then cascade until they moved right up the chain to the very top. The idea here is to get everyone working as unit because they want to benefit, because they want to work in a great place.

A lesson learned…

If this subject has taught me anything it all it is that enterprise 2.0 is about harnessing power and knowledge that we already have but are not yet utilizing.  It is about establishing innovative ways to communicate, to connect, and most importantly to develop a real presence – a tangible unit with many parts.

The Brisbane airport is sitting on a gold mine of untapped information. I say it’s time to install some pipework and get people involved and get the information flowing. If airport management realise that the best enterprise 2.0 endeavors are mutually employee / management beneficial and move in this direction I can foresee changes inline with what clientele actually want emerging at Brisbane Airport in the next 2 – 5 years.

As I have said in many of my blog posts enterprise 2.0 takes time. To fully realise all it has to offer you may have to wait for multiple cascading benefits to emerge. This subject has taught me that it is only a matter of time, it won’t happen over night but done correctly, it will happen. 

If you do your research, and are especially careful with the way you implement enterprise 2.0, it is only a matter of time until you see real benefits, real results.

Enterprise 2.0 could very well be one of the only industries where it is possible to get out much much much more (with time) than you put in!

What do you think of the Brisbane wiki / Facebook idea?

Good luck with your assignments and the final exam everyone, thank you to all my readers for your insightful comments throughout the semester.

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