So, are you ‘lync’ed up at your work place?

So today at work my systems administrator comes over and taps me on the shoulder and lets me know he is going to be installing an MSN style client on all the PC’s in the work place so that everyone can communicate with each other in a less structured, less formal way. Naturally thiking about this subject I say “that’s excellent” this is enterprise 2.0, you are bringing web 2.0 tools into the business. We actually started chatting about the way different businesses utilise web 2.0 and decided that it would be an excellent experiment to see if it changed the dynamic amongst people at work.

The main difference between the lync software and substitutes like MSN and facebook is that the bosses / managers actually encourage us to use it. So, he installed in – in our department first, and instantly everyone jumps on.

As soon as it was up and running  the atmosphere at work changed. Everyone is talking garbage to each other and just enjoying unmonitored freedom and letting off steam. I have to say that it instantly felt less like work and more like a social atmosphere.

I would walk next door and talk to guys that I had just been ‘lync’ing  with for the last hour about something actually work related and it would make the communication so much more relaxed AND productive!

It was really nice to be able to communicate with co-workers without having to send emails, the response time is much faster, and because it is unmonitored technology people felt more liberated regarding what they could actually write and were themselves. I think that is the best aspect of lyncs introduction at our workplace – it was made very clear to us that the communication would not be monitored. You could speak freely, and directly to colleagues without leaving your seat.

Lets talk a bit about what it actually enabled us to accomplish at work and how it felt.

The interface was a lot like MSN (obviously) it has the same creater, Microsoft. Basically as soon as the application was loaded to our PC’s (a completely effortless exersize) our outlook mailing lists instantly synced with the program and all of our colleages work emails became contacts if we so wished. All of our customers / clients could also be contacts if they are running the same program.

The MSN look, MSN feel, and MSN response time makes it excellent to take the edge off a hard day.  I found that being productive became  fun because I could vent any frustration to my mates all over the company and know that they felt the same! All day you would hear random laughter from other employees and it just made for a much brighter atmosphere.

You can even video link through this software as well as use mics. It’s integration with office and windows is amazing and it’s just an extremely robust app that I think every work place should have. I know that in the coming weeks I will just keep learning more about it and master it like I did with MSN. I thought the introduction of this software at work at this particular time, while I am doing this subject warranted a post of it’s own. More informal web 2.0 communication in the work place I say! Human beings should be happy, not stressed!!


3 thoughts on “So, are you ‘lync’ed up at your work place?

  1. Hey Adam,
    u seem to be having fun with the tool…I too had a similar thing at my workplace and found it really very interesting. But my advice is to think before you write anything..coz the other person might save the chat history and could be used against you. every coin has two sides :p
    Take Care..Shilpa

    • Yeah, true – but the thing is it’s designed for fun. Obviously if someone is annoying you, just like MSN you can block them. Anyone I thought that would stake conversation up against me as ammo I just wouldn’t have on my list.

      It’s about sharing with friends 🙂

  2. Not a bad piece of software, there are certainly plenty of other choices but for a Microsoft based company network it’s probably the more suitable solution. I can say that having a instant messaging service made for a professional environment is much better than having workers communicate and procrastinate through facebook and other forms of social medial. The instant messaging also increases productivity in the workplace, it can lighten moods, increase communication and as mentioned in the blog it’s much faster than email.
    Then again i don’t like the idea of digital conversations in the workplace, people are much too likely to “bitch” about each other and once it’s in writing it can be easily saved. Just have to be careful who you’re talking to.

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